LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3453课 acquittal

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明天我们要学的词是 acquittal.

acquittal 的意思是宣布无罪。 President Trump is poised to win his long-expected acquittal in the impeachment trial after the Senate voted down a motion by Democrats calling for new witnesses to testify in the trial. 在参议院否决了平易近主党人请求在特朗普总统弹劾案中让新证人出庭作证的议案后,特朗普总统有望博得等待已久的无罪审判成果。

The acquittal of three Belgian doctors charged with unlawful euthanasia in a landmark trial brought applause and cheers in the courtroom. 三名被控不法实施安乐逝世的比利时大夫在一个具有里程碑意义的庭审中被判无罪,法庭上迸收回掌声和喝彩。
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