LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3415课 foment

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明天我们要学的词是 foment.

foment 的意思是滋长,鼓动。 In Lebanon, some politicians and the press foment anger against Syrian refugees, blaming them for widespread unemployment and lack of resources. 在黎巴嫩,一些政客和消息媒体鼓动人们对叙利亚难平易近的末路怒情感,责备难平易近形成大年夜量掉业和资本匮乏。

Writing in “Secret Empires”, researcher Peter Schweizer has shown how special interest groups use “fomenting chaos” and government ties as a lucrative investment tool. 研究员彼得·史威哲在《机密帝国》一书中提醒了特别好处集团若何将“制造纷乱”和与当局的接洽作为有益可图的投资对象。
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